Topic outline


    The Human Development Club provides a place where people who are interested in similar careers, goals and college experiences can interact, network and primarily have fun together.  We participate in community service events that promote all aspects of human development and the Human Development Major.  Also, the club provides social and educational support of all of our members and advocate for them at CSUSM.

    The Human Development Club’s primary goal is to present club members with the opportunity to experience and serve in various fields related to the Human Development Major including: volunteer opportunities, club and non-profit partnership fundraising, and unilateral events with other CSUSM clubs.  We aspire to promote an attitude of community, camaraderie, and service amongst club members, the school, and community.

    All currently enrolled students and alumni are welcome to join. Each semester there will be a membership fee of $5. Any special circumstances resulting in your inability to pay the membership fee must be submitted in writing or via e-mail to the club president. Upon the completion of (10) points currently enrolled students will receive a chord upon graduation. All meetings will be (1) point; all events will range from (1-3) points dependent upon the level of participation required. At least (2) points must come from a volunteer event and at least (2) points from participating in a fundraiser. The (10) points must be completed within a two year period. Membership fees must be paid prior to receiving a graduation chord.  For students who have been a member of the club in the past, your points will be prorated and if you wish to know the status of your involvement please e-mail the secretary at: