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    • Program Assessment Committee (PAC) 2013/14

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      Meets alternate Tuesdays beginning 1/28, 3-5 pm, Kellogg 3012

      The Program Assessment Committee shall have general oversight of all issues related to the processes of program review. The committee’s duties include, but are not limited to: advising programs undergoing review with regard to the processes, objectives, and specific tasks associated with that review; serving as a liaison among the Senate, Academic Affairs, Dean of Graduate Studies, College/Library Deans, and the programs undergoing review; examining, reviewing, and reporting to the Senate with regard to the progress and outcomes of program review and planning processes; and making recommendations to the Senate regarding the outcomes of these review processes. In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.


      Chair: Linda Shaw, CHABSS-SBS 12-14
      Jill Weigt, At-large 12-14
      Cata Ratiu, CoBA 13-15
      Open seat, CEHHS-SoE 13-15
      Open seat, CEHHS-SHSHS/SoN 12-14
      Michelle Ramos Pellicia, CHABSS-HA 13-15
      Rocio Guillen, CSM 13/14
      Ann Fiegen, Library 13-15
      Regina Eisenbach, Int. AVP-Acad Programs (ex officio)
      Gerardo Gonzalez, AVP-Research & Dean, Grad Studies (ex officio)
    • Committee tasks for 13/14:

  • Policy and Guidelines for Academic Review

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