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  • Library & Academic Technology Advisory Committee (LATAC) 2012/13

    Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 9-10 am, Kellogg 3010

    The committee shall be charged with advising, as necessary, the Dean of the Library and the Dean of (IITS) on matters related to the Library and to academic technology. The committee shall have the authority to draft policies falling under the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate as they relate to library and academic technology issues. The committee will inform the University community about library and academic technology policies, financial standing, library collections and services, academic technology and services, and media issues.  The committee will also serve as a channel of communication for expressing faculty, staff, and student needs and expectations to the Library and IITS. In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.


    Chair: Edward Price, CSM 12-14
    Shaoyi He, CoBA 11-13
    Rong-Ji Chen, CoE 11-13
    Greig Guthey, CHABSS 11-13
    Ian Chan, Library 12-14
    Lourdes Shahamiri, AA staff 12/13
    Barbara Taylor, IITS staff 12/13
    Steve Espinoza, Library staff 12-14
    Wayne Veres, Dean IITS Int. Dean Library
    Alex Evzerov, ASI representative
    Jairo Leon, ASI representative
    Dominica Ranieri, ASI representative

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