Topic outline

  • University Curriculum Committee (UCC) 2012/13

    Meets Mondays, 11-12:30 pm, Markstein Hall 322

    The University Curriculum Committee shall have general oversight of all issues related to the review of proposed curriculum.  The committee shall review proposals for new and revised curricula, courses, and degree programs, and teacher preparation programs and it shall make recommendations to the Senate regarding their approval.  Through the review of proposed curriculum, the committee is charged with oversight for the academic soundness and quality of the curriculum.  As directed by the Senate, the committee shall review articulation agreements with community colleges for consistency with established graduation requirements. The UCC, in collaboration with the Dean of Extended Learning, shall originate and review proposals affecting Extended Learning. In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.


    Chair: Yi Sun, CoBA 11-13
    Richelle Swan, At large 12-14
    Suzanne Moineau, CEHHS-SoE 12-14
    Paul Stuhr, CEHHS-HD/Kine/SoN 12-14
    Michael Hughes, CHABSS-A&H 11-13
    Konane Martinez, CHABSS-SBS 11-13
    Sajith Jayasinghe, CSM 11-13
    Matthew Escobar, CSM 12-14
    Judith Downie, Library 12-14
    David Barsky, AVP-AP
    Patti Garnet, AVP-EMS or designee
    Daniel Cruz, ASI representative