Collectively Creative Art Group's mission is to create a place for artists, the community, and nonprofit foundations to connect.  For our first event, we are partnering with the Olivenhain Town Council. Artists and community members will give presentations in the Meeting Hall regarding their work.

This course provides instructional materials in Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Test Preparation. It also includes materials related to extracurricular activities such Conversation Partner Program and virtual company visits. 

This community container will house resources shared among World Language faculty at CSU campuses throughout the system.

This Community space will be designed to serve outbound study abroad students. It will include important pre-departure information along with resources/activities to help students make the most of their study abroad experience. 

American Language and Culture Institute of CSUSM offers virtual programs with focus on culture and communication.  Programs are supported by CSUSM Service Learning students, TESL/TEFL graduates, and ALCI staff providing cultural and local insights to international students.  

2011-2012 Bilingual Teachers Read One Book Project with Elizabeth Garza and Ana Hernandez.