NCHEA was founded in 1991. By pooling resources, MiraCosta College, Palomar College and California State University, San Marcos hope to realize their goals for collaboration among college and university educators. They seek to foster better communication among staff and students at the three institutions to ensure seamless transfer from lower to upper division programs. In September of 1991 the founders of NCHEA adopted the following objectives:

  • to facilitate regular meetings of service providers and department members among the three institutions;
  • to publicize events;
  • to develop inter-institutional grant proposals and projects;
  • to give staff and student recognition;
  • to increase rates of persistence and transfer among North County students;
  • to cooperate with the area K-12 districts on regional educational issues;
  • to dream big dreams.

Since 1991, NCHEA has sponsored a variety of activities that have enhanced the mission of the Alliance, and has continued to refine that mission on the basis of those activities.

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